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Make Up After Blepharoplasty, Make-up-after-blepharoplasty, Clinica Del Viso Milano

How to make up after blepharoplasty

After a blepharoplasty surgery, every patient becomes … impatient! We know what you feel; you would like to see immediate visible results, to make up  and show to everybody your new youthful look.

Don’t worry! You’ll be able to do it soon, but blepharoplasty is a surgery and requires a little bit of post-op patience and caution.

The recovery time is different for each person, but, in general, you’ll have bruises and swelling for 10-15 days. Here are a few recommendations for a faster and safer recovery and for a camouflage make-up.

1. The first post-op days

Until stitches removal (5-6 days after the surgery), don’t use any kind of make-up! Use only specific cleansing and hydrating products: creams without coloring, fragrance, acid, alcohol, allergens and with full sunblock.

In fact, make-up products contain a fat base that is a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, they often contain a huge quantity of chemical pigments and if they penetrate into an open wound, they could leave permanent marks.

2. After stitches removal

After further 5-6 days, you can start using creams and concealers – fragrance and allergens free – but NOT on wounds.

In order to reduce the swelling faster, you can apply ice on eyes and sleep with your head raised by 2 pillows (to promote drainage).

3. After 10-15 days

10-15 days after the surgery, you can finally start to make-up! But take the following precautions:

1) use only fragrance and allergen-free products, with total sunblock

2) use perfectly clean and sanitized make-up brushes

3) keep your make-up products away from heat and humidity (that favors the proliferation of bacteria)  and don’t use make-up bottles or jars that have been opened for a long time.

4) don’t press too hard the bruises/swelling area when you put and remove make-up.

4. Choose the right color!

If you want to hide bruises, you can use a concealer: choose a yellow-like concealer if the bruise is blue or a green-like one if the area is still red.

This way, in a short time, you’ll enjoy your new beautiful and bright look!


Clinica del Viso is a medical clinic, specialized exclusively in face surgery and face esthetic medicine– notably, in blepharoplasty – thanks to:

– a specialist plastic surgeon (Dr. Christophe Buratto, 500+ blepharoplasty surgeries experience)

– a surgery room specifically designed for face/blepharoplasty and with the most advanced equipment

– a qualified, consolidated and empathetic surgical and assistance staff.

Here you will also find a free of charge post-op kit, with specific cleansing and hydrating products, assistance 24 hours a day and specific make-up advice by an experienced beauty specialist.

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