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Laser skin treatments: what a mess!

Would you like to know laser skin treatments, but you can’t get through the countless kinds of laser procedures?

Only a highly qualified and experienced doctor – after an accurate medical-aesthetic evaluation of your problem or blemish – can recommend the treatment that best fits to you.

Nevertheless, here are some recommendations for you to navigate the messy “jungle” of laser skin treatments.

How do laser skin treatments work?

A laser is a very high-intensity light beam that is absorbed by the skin, thus modifying the cutaneous tissue. The energy emitted by the laser focuses and treats a specific and limited micro-area, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Depending on the problem (e.g. visible capillaries, wrinkles, moles …), it is essential to focus on different targets (hemoglobin, cellular water, melanin) that require different wave length (in nm), technology and power.

For instance, in order to remove visible capillaries, it is necessary to use a laser that acts on blood hemoglobin (eg.: Pulse Dye Laser, 585-595 nm); the hemoglobin absorbs the laser energy and switches it into heat, thus inducing the vessel coagulation and closure.

Instead, in order to rejuvenate the skin, the laser should act on cellular water (eg.: CO2, 10.600 nm).

Which problems can laser skin treatments solve?

Given that each problem requires a different kind of laser skin treatment, the laser technology can treat a wide range of problems and blemishes: scars, angioma, moles, dark spots, skin laxity, visible capillaries and tattoos removal.

I know a beautician who provides laser skin treatments …

Laser used in beauty centers is different from laser used in medical clinics and practices. In order to be effective, the laser machine should reach a high power level, which is possible only in medical centers.

What ablative and non-ablative lasers are?

Non-ablative lasers heat (but don’t burn) the skin, thus promoting collagen synthesis and improving the skin’s appearance. They are more skin-friendly than the ablative ones (they act in depth, preserving the outer skin layers) and require a shorter recovery rime. On the other side, they demand more sessions and they are recommended in case of mild blemishes.

Ablative lasers (like CO2 and erbium laser) heat the cellular water and vaporize and remove the outer skin layers. The process – similar to a deep peeling – promotes the collagen synthesis and the skin renewal: the skin is smoother, tonic and elastic. They are more invasive, but they deliver better clinical results in case of deep wrinkles and scars.

What is the difference between fractional and non-fractional laser?

Non-fractional laser acts evenly on the treated area; the fractional laser instead acts in a discontinuous way – alternating treated and non-treated points – thus promoting a faster skin healing and fewer side effects.

Both ablative and non-ablative laser can be fractional.

I often hear about CO2 fractional laser skin treatments …

CO2 fractional laser is the only ablative fractional laser. It’s more powerful and flexible than radiofrequency (that acts in depth on fat, but has little effect on dry tissues) and non-ablative laser, because it acts both on skin surface and on deep skin layers. It’s more tolerated and less risky than other ablative or pulsed light laser.

It’s a very expensive technology, provided only by a few highly specialized manufacturers. It’s the best solution for wrinkles and acne scars.

What is the Clear + Brilliant laser?

It is a non-ablative fractional laser skin treatment, totally painless. It’s made and patented in the US and it’s one of the few lasers that don’t preclude sun exposure. It’s very safe because it is activated only when it is in direct contact with the skin.

It’s recommended to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the wrinkles in case of young and mid-age skin and to keep the skin young and healthy.

I’ve heard about the Q-switched laser: what is it for?

This laser skin treatment is particularly recommended to remove tattoos and dark spots.

If compared to other lasers acting on skin color, (like the alexandrite laser), it’s faster and more advanced. In fact, its ultra-short pulses (pico-second laser) increase the light shockwave on the treated area; many clinical trials prove that the shorter the pulse duration, the higher the laser effectiveness in breaking and removing pigment molecules.

In addition, this technology delivers less energy to the tissues and has fewer side effects.


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