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Patients Experience

Blepharoplasty: our patients experience

Clinica del Viso is specialized in face aesthetic medicine and surgery and, notably, in blepharoplasty.

Learn more through our patients testimonials! Like Antonella, our 54 years old patient who, in October 2021, had a complete (upper and lower) blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty: our patients experience

Good morning Antonella, how did you know Clinica del Viso and Dr. Buratto?

I knew Dr. Buratto’s father – Prof. Lucio Buratto – because I went to his ophthalmic center CAMO  for my myopia probelms. As I had a good experience there and his son was expert in oculoplastic, blepharoplasty and face aesthetic medicine, it seemed natural for me to ask him a medical advice. Of course, I also checked up, exploring the web too, but finally, I convinced myself that Dr. Buratto was the right choice.

What was your problem?

I was really annoyed by my drooping upper eyelids and eye bags

A problem that many women have! Did you explore other solutions or were you already convinced that blepharoplasty was the best option?

I had already decided to have a blepharoplasty. I thought about it for a long time, I checked up and I asked a medical advice to a doctor. But it was clear to me that blepharoplasty was the only solution to my problem and needs.

I see. So you scheduled a visit with Dr. Christophe Buratto …

Right. I have to say that I was immediately impressed by the great empathy of Dr. Buratto – this first impression has been confirmed afterwards – and by his ability to empathize with the patient and to understand his needs. I appreciated his open, clear and honest way to explain the possible results but also the possible risks and discomfort (pain, recovery time …). Also Laura – the assistant – is a very nice and helpful person. In short, I immediately felt safe and at ease, so much that – during the very first visit – I decided to have the surgery and we scheduled the surgery date.

What was the surgery like?

I have to say that I don’t remember that much. In fact, in my case, Dr. Buratto decided that a local anesthesia and mild sedation was the best option. Therefore, I just felt a light headedness at the end of the surgery and a slight discomfort when he put the stitches.

Tell us about the post-op recovery…

Although the doctor explained clearly and correctly risks and discomfort, maybe I psychologically overlooked all that! During the first days after the surgery, I was annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t keep my eyes open and by the dry eye sensation. It also happened that I got dizzy. But, on the other side, the pain was absolutely tolerable. Anyway, Dr. Buratto constantly monitored and reassured me all the time (these discomforts can happen, especially in case of local anesthesia and sedation) and gave me recommendations to handle these problems.

Nevertheless, within a couple of weeks, it all worked out and I could fully restart my social life, as the signs were nearly invisible and I could easily hide them with a light makeup

And what about the outcome? Are you satisfied?

Definitely yes! it was exactly the outcome I wanted and that the doctor had promised. Drooping eyelids and eye bags aged my face so much! Consequently, blepharoplasty definitely gave me a younger and fresh look. Today [March 2022 – Ed.] the surgery signs have nearly disappeared, except a slight pink color on the eyelid in the stitches area. But the doctor told me that it will disappear in a short time.

Would you recommend blepharoplasty and Clinica del Viso to a friend?


Thank you, Antonella …

Thank you!

Clinica del Viso is a medical clinic, specialized exclusively in face surgery and face esthetic medicine– notably, in blepharoplasty – thanks to:

– a specialist plastic surgeon (Dr. Christophe Buratto, 500+ blepharoplasty surgeries experience)

– a surgery room specifically designed for face/blepharoplasty and with the most advanced equipment

– a qualified, consolidated and empathetic surgical and assistance staff.


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